Month: May 2015

What Really Matters?



This will be my last Monday Motivation for this school year. I hope they have been meaningful to you. I know creating them has meant a lot to me.

This week I want to share the link to Jon Harper’s blog. It speaks to something that is more important than our instructional strategy, PDSA or formative assessment. It is a great reminder that we teach people every day.

Along with the kids we teach each day, many of us are parent, aunts, uncles, friends of young people who we love very much. This summer invest in them. Give them the memories of your time, your words, and your love to carry with them for the rest of their life.

Renew yourself, learn something new for school and for life, and have an amazing summer.




Fearlessly be yourself and…believe.

You are the difference.


I have two favorite quotes that adorn the walls of Summit. The first, “Believe deep down in your heart you are destined to do great things.” Each of us does them every day. We celebrate students, nurture them and help them to learn skills and habits that will help them live on this earth. But each of us has so much more to do beyond our work here at school. We are moms, dads, sons, daughters, neighbors. We make a difference and do great things for so many people.

The other quote that I hope is instilled on all our students and that each of us live out each day is, “There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” In our world of standardized tests and standardization of expectations, let us never forget that we each have a unique skill set, a wide variety of experiences and dreams. It is through our individual contribution to our team that we become great. The cacophony of our individuality shared with others creates a symphony of excellence in our school and the life of each other. Let your individual greatness shine in all you do for the teams to which you belong.

As we wrap up the last baker’s dozen of days with students. Celebrate your contribution as a educator, a true ambassador of possibilities, for our students and create a plan for relaxation this summer. You have given of yourself sacrificially and whole-heartedly. Plan for your rest, your renewal and your revitalization. Your students next year need you to believe in them too.



This is true of each of us too!

Molder of Dreams


Today, our society makes a lot of noise about education. Are our students college and career ready? Does technology enhance learning enough? Do we use too much technology? How can we hold teachers more accountable? Do we need to promote more creativity? In the midst of all the discussion, I hope during this Teacher Appreciation Week, you put all of that aside and remember your impact.


Teachers… Molders of Dreams

read to Guy Doud by Ronald Reagan

Author: Clark R. Mollenhoff

You are the molders of their dreams
The gods who build or crush
Their young beliefs of right or wrong. You are the spark that sets aflame
The poet’s hand or lights the flame
Of some great singer’s song.
You are the god of the young, the very young You are the guardian of a million dreams Your every smile or frown
Can heal or pierce the heart
You are a hundred lives, a thousand lives. Yours the pride of loving them
And the sorrow too.
Your patient work, your touch
Make you the gods of hope
Who fill their souls with dreams
To make those dreams come true.


To make the journey of life as a teacher, and to do it with all of you, is such a joy.


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


The world is better because of you!