Creativity- Think Different


Mankind will always need creativity to advance and move forward.  As educators how are we supporting each and every child’s journey to discover their creativity and potential to contribute to the world?  We may not be able to change our educational system of standardization over night but we can change what we do in our classroom every day to celebrate the creativity of every student.

This brief clip from CBS News is a must see for anyone who believes creativity is an important skill people will need in this century.




Two great Ted Talks about creativity and how schools don’t really support it even though we want to say we do. A bit lengthy but well worth watching when you have a spare minute.








 Let’s “Think Different”

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can

change the world

are the ones who do.


Let’s remind every kid (and adult) we come in contact with the world needs them to

Be an original!


 You may not have all the answers but begin your journey.

The kids we teach deserve us wrestling with this question.

Their future may depend on it.


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