Great Day to Be a Bison (Monday Motivation 4-20-15)

This week we will host our 4th Leadership Day at Summit. We are proud of the fact that we are one of only 122 “Leader in Me Lighthouse Schools” in the world. It has been good work and our students are better for it.


  We are more proud of our students. Think of some of the things they have done in the five years our school has been in existence. They have contributed to the drilling of water wells in Africa, the education of girls around the world and helped animals have more comfort here in our hometown. They have shaved their heads for St. Baldricks, “Bald Up for Peanut” and raised money for Bowl for Jason’s Friends. They have weekly shared a KKN podcast of school news, taught teachers how to better use tech and participated in numerous Mystery Skypes with friends around America. They have traveled to two Lego Robotics competitions outside of Wyoming and twice visited Teton Science School.

Even more importantly, they have developed a school culture that is caring and supportive of other students. They have great attitudes toward learning and they make Summit a good place for other kids.

Yes, this week we honor the students who are leaders in our school. Let’s also celebrate the role of some adult leaders. Time does not allow me to mention all the things staff members from Summit do, and like the students, there are probably many contributions you make that I do not know.


These things I do know about our support staff:

• Our custodial staff not only keeps our building looking magnificent but you also assist with the smooth transition of traffic during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, open milk cartons.

• Our office staff greets every student when they arrive in the morning, most by name, and make coming to Summit the highlight of the day for some of our students. You also are willing to support the work of classroom teachers in any way they can.

• Our lunch ladies make every child feel special as they go through the lunch line by greeting them with a smile and a warm word.

• Our playground staff weathers wind, light rain and snow to allow our kids who most need to get out and move, a safe place to play every day. You work to help students resolve issues and be able to return to class without drama from the playground ruining their day.

• Resource support staff, your professionalism, patience and productivity has our special education students performing above District norms. You also work in classrooms on a daily basis supporting the work of teachers and the learning of students. Our children are blessed to have you in their learning lives.

• Our librarian supports a love of reading, helps kids learn good research skills online and print and you run one of the coolest Book Fairs in our hometown.

• Our Refocus Coordinator helps teachers by helping students regain appropriate behavior before returning to class and she does that in a way that honors the student’s dignity.


Each of you do this daily. Support staff, thank you for making Summit the school that it is. Your professionalism is beyond exemplary. Beyond that, who you are as people is what makes you truly great. I know all of the teachers join me in thanking you for making,

“Every day a great day to be a Bison!”



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